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Custom Camshafts

Volatile cams are everything you would expect from a custom specified camshaft, and more. We excel in providing top notch performance in all aspects, based on your goals, and expectations. We can deliver what ever you are looking for.
We believe that the advantage to a custom cam is the experience of getting exactly what you want, be it great drivability and drastically increased performance, or an all out track only race car... We will work wtih you to build you a cam that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We usually go from first contact to cam in hand in less than 2 weeks.... and you will have the right cam for your combination in your hands, without all of the guess work!

Additionally we only work with American Suppliers to make sure that you get a top quality product!!

Contact us at to get a camshaft buildsheet, so that we can get the basic questions out of the way, and we will call you with any additional questions.

We are racers and horsepower addicts ourselves, and treat every combination like it is one of our own. Pride, Performance, and Quality you can count on... Volatile Custom Cams, Deadly by Design!!
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